Due Dates and Life Happens Passes

Due Dates

Work is due before class (when you walk into the room) on the assigned due date or by midnight of the due date for online/ electronic documents

o   This is noted on the calendar as:

  • BC=Before Class
  • MN=By Midnight 

Life Happens Passes

  • Each student will be issued Life Happens Passes at the beginning of each quarter to be used in all 5 core classes.
  • If the pass is turned in with the late work on the day IMMEDIATELY  after the
  • work was due, a student’s work will not be noted as late and their grade
  • will not reflect the lateness.
  • Life Happens Passes will be issued as follows:

  4 in Quarter 1

 3 in Quarter 2

2 in Quarter 3

1 in Quarter 4

Students who are absent are responsible for obtaining their late work

from each of their teachers