Unit 4.2: Ancient Egypt (River Civs)

Below you can access the activities and assignments for Ancient Egypt!

Quarter 2 Warm-Ups

You are responsible for completing any warm-ups you miss when absent!

Document Links

Ancient Egypt Investigation Materials - go to Google Classroom for this document!

Ancient Egypt Guided Notes PowerPoint

Ancient Egypt Notes Page.docx

Ancient Egypt Map Activity.pdf

Egyptian Social Classes Reading.pdf

Egyptian Social Classes Activity.pdf

Egyptian Religion Padlet Instructions.pdf

Mummification Exploration Activity Materials - go to Google Classroom for this document

Egyptian Inventions/Daily Life Activity Materials - go to Google Classroom for this document

Rate the Pharaohs Chart.pdf

Rate the Pharaohs Bios.pdf

Rate the Pharaohs - 3D Pyramid Template.pdf

What is a Thesis Statement PPT.ppt

Thesis Statement Guided Notes.doc


Ancient Egypt Research Project Rubrics.pdf

Ancient Egypt Research Project Materials.pdf

Sample Outline

Project due -- at the start of class on Monday, November 18!!
The following things should be completed:
(1) In class, turn in:
--Colored project page w/ research organizer
(2) On Google Classroom, turn in:
--Google Doc w/ citations and essay outline (completed)
(3) Student Reflection:
--Link can be found in Google Classroom doc at the end, Mrs. Carson will email you the reflection link to your student g-mail account on Weds 11/13