General Info


Additional Supplies Needed:
-Spiral Notebook OR Binder
-Graph paper (mostly for 2nd quarter)
-Graphing Calculator (TI-83, TI-84, TI-84 Plus)-
*Casio graphing calculators are ok, but I find them much more difficult to use, and I will not be of help teaching students how to use them*
*I know graphing calculators are expensive, but students will need them in high school as well.  You can find them cheaper on Amazon, Ebay, etc.*

Algebra Syllabus

​Binder/Notebook Setup:
I am not particular about notebook set up.  I value students having their own organizational systems.  We will take a lot of notes from the board, but will also have some worksheets to keep track of.  In general, you need a space for Warm Ups, Notes, and Homework.  If you like to have these separated, that's fine!  If you like to have them together in one section, that's fine too!