Homework Docs
Directions: For each of the documents below please:
1. Note whether the assignment is to be printed and handed in or if it is to be completed and shared with your teacher 
2. Make a copy and rename it with your period, last name and title of document 
    (Example: 6 Jones Support Quotations for Susan Jones in 6th period)
3. Share it with your teacher- Beth Letzig***** be sure you share it with me and not my daughters!!!
4. Complete the doc and share by the due date - See calendar

**** Please note 
BC= Assignment is due Before Class that day
MN=Assignment is due by Midnight that day

****** PLEASE NOTE: There is specific homework for the periods listed below- find the period you are in and the homework for that week

Per 1 ALA  

Please click on this link for the homework

:Per 1 ALA Homework Assignments
Per 2 and 3

Please click on this link for the homework:

Per 2 and 3 Homework Assignments


 Per 4 and 5

 Please click on this link for the homework:

Per 4  and 5 Homework Assignments