Student Council
If you are interested in making RVMS a great place to be, in motivating your fellow students to participate in all that Ranch View has to offer and want to make an impact in your school community while having fun....Student Council is the place for you!!!

What we do...
As a group, we regularly participate in or organize a ton of RVMS events including:
The fall and spring dances
The TRHS/ RVMS Homecoming Parade
6th Grade Parent Tours
Teacher Appreciation 
The 8th Grade Color Run
...and so much more!!!

When we meet...

Student Council will meet regularly every Friday during the scheduled Connections period. During this time, we will participate in regular group activities designed to support students in the entire school, we will plan the school dances and fundraisers, including wish-week, and work to cultivate leadership skills in a variety of areas. As a member of student council, you are expected to attend this connection period regularly and for the entire period. Two tardies/ absences per quarter will result in an email/ phone call home and possible removal from Student Council.

Common Questions:
1. Do I have to be available after school?
Answer: NO- Student Council meets during school hours so that anyone selected can participate. We do have events that happen after school hours and we would like for you to attend as many of these as possible, however, we understand that transportation can sometimes be a problem after hours.

2.If I am selected for Student Council, will I have to speak in front of people?
Answer: NO- We recognize that everyone has different strengths and leadership qualities. Some people love to talk in front of a group...Great!!! But others may enjoy making posters or filling teacher appreciation baskets...Great!!! Student Council can use both of you!!!

1. Completed application including one teacher recommendation (you will be notified by email if you are selected to join Student Council)
2. Signed parent/ guardian permission to participate form
3. You attendance (noted above)
4. A great attitude!!!