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Welcome to Letzig's 8th Grade Language and Literature classroom!

8th Grade is an exciting time full of new opportunities and experiences and I am committed to preparing my students to face the challenges that lie ahead of them with confidence! I believe that every student can improve, that mastery of Language and Literature skills has life long benefits and that when excellence in education is paired with student engagement and parent involvement, success is inevitable!
Letzig's Lang & Lit page is the place for both parents and students to keep up to date with classrooms events and homework assignments throughout the year. Please be sure to note the tab listed here as Homework Docs for daily and weekly homework assignments and also the Daily Lessons and Handout page in order to keep up with lessons and activities to completed on days you are absent. *Homework will also be posted on the  Calendar regularly. 

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns please feel free to contact me.

Beth Letzig

8 Arctic Language and Literature