Tech Links

Info Searching*Note: Some links are not available outside of school as they are provided to students via the Douglas County Public Library. If trying to access one of these sites from home, you can login with a Douglas County Public Library card. Cards are free; just stop by your local Douglas County Public Library.


Social Studies and History

Science and Math

Britannica Encyclopedia

online encyclopedia with current events

Citation Machine

easily credit information sources

Digital Public Library of America--

items from archives and museums

World Book Online--

instructional videos on many topics


easily credit information sources

World Almanac For Kids

statistical information for the year

Discovery Education - 
usernames are SSO for all students and staff.

Biography in Context

information on many inpiduals


world cultural information

Facts on File History

world, modern, and medieval


visual graphs of world views

Global Issues in Context

current topics that impact our world


map pined with local history

Institute of American History

search history by era

National Archives Experience

primary historical sources

Opposing Viewpoints in Context

explore varying opinions of current issues

BioDigital Human

interactive maps of body systems

Global Issues in Context

current topics that impact our world

Kids Health

health topics for teens

PHET Simulations

science and math simulations

Science in Context

several science topics

Production Tools

Digital Publications

Organizing and Mapping

Presentation Tools

Video Production


Adobe Spark

create a graphic post or website


create an ebook with an embedded soundtrack

Canva Brochures

use templates to create pdf or printable trifold brochures

Comic Master

create graphic novels

create infographics with data charts and graphs


create an online flip-book


create ePosters / eFlyers


turn google docs into online flip-books

Create A Graph

variety of formats to input data


add sticky notes to wall


web diagraming tool


mind mapping and brainstorming


word cloud that marks content words for you


embed your voice into a talking animal


zoom in and out of image map


animated video presentations


stacked and linear slides

Tellagami App

create an avatar with your voice to embed over an image


choose a person and type dialog to get a voiceover

Adobe Spark

create a video with images, text, and voice over


insert photos and text into pre-made video templates


embed photos, text, and music into video


edit and combine video clips with pre-made templates

Videolicious App

create a newscast with embedded videos


create picture poetry

Puzzle Maker

create over 10 different kinds of puzzles (word search, crossword, etc)


create your own flashcards and games for a chosen topic


create your own QR code

Student Learning Tools

Google Sign In—access to google drive, docs, and gmail
Big 6—process for doing research and solving problems
Brain Fuse—tutoring help
College in Colorado—help with career and college decisions
eLearning--free online resources to help you learn new skills
Family Connection--explore and make plans for college and career options
Homework Helper—list of sites that will help with any subject area
Study Stack—flash cards to study many topics
Path Blazer—for those with provided logins