Brain Boosters

Why Brain Boosters? Here is a short infographic on the benefits of physical activity and brain boosters in school.

This week's Brain Booster activities:

Conga Line! This is best done outside, around the upper shelf, or in another wide-open area. Students line up and follow the line leader cooperatively around the room doing different activities such as hopping, waving arms from side to side, doing lunges, walking on tippy toes, or doing the classic step-step-step-kick!

Archived Brain Boosters (click link for explanations)

  • Bear, Fish, Angel
  • Guided Meditation
  • Point and Switch
  • Cross Cralws
  • Quiz Us!
  • Acting Out
  • Make Them Laugh
  • Standing Pretzel
  • Blink
  • Brain Drain
  • Whole Body Rock-Paper-Scissors
  • The Human Mirror
  • 3-by-3 Breathing