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Welcome to 7th Tundra Health
The Cornerstones of Health Class are:  Accountability and Honesty

"Health Today isn't just a class, but a real practical application to your life."
In the past, if you didn't have an illness, you were considered healthy. Today, the term health no longer means just the absence of illness. Instead health refers to the overall well-being of your body, mind, spirit and relationships with other people.

Two factors that can be used to evaluate health are:
1. Life expectancy
2. Quality of Life.

To achieve a high quality of life, students can't concentrate on only one aspect of health.  Instead, the students must work hard to apply and improve all aspects of health. The aspects of health are physical health, mental health, emotional health and social health. 

The following are Units of Study for 7th grade:

1st quarter
7 habits of highly effective teens
social/emotional wellness
personal wellness
healthy eating
4th quarter
drug prevention/risk management
injury prevention/risk management
physical/personal wellness

Also, it is my goal to teach your son/daughter how to take ownership of each element of their life that they do control.  To be personally accountable for each area of their life because they all matter!
these elements are 
1. attitude
2. behavior
3. their friends
4. what they eat, how much sleep they get each night?
5. how they manage stress in their life/
6. how they dress and carry themselves each day?
7. how kind and empathic are they?
8. how much weekly exercise they are getting?

Discipline within health class. 
My classes are very structured.  For problems that may arise during my class, I strive to be consistent with every student in class.  If an incident happens in class, I will address the issue up front, ask the student(s) to step out of the class, start the 4 step school wide behavior adjustment procedures of 
1st- warning
2nd- lunch detention, student calls home, student reflection form.
3rd-lunch detention, student reflection form-student calls home during lunch.
4th-Administrative Referral

The IB MYP Student
the student will be able to learn and understand the following concepts that will guide their learning in health class.  The concepts are Statement of Inquiry,
Key Concepts, Related Concepts, Global Context, and Approaches to Learning (which I call "Apps")

Content Grades: will measure the student's proficiency on course standards which are IB subject related criterions, in which there are the following 4:

Criterion A is knowledge and understanding
Criterion B is planning for performance
Criterion C is applying and performing
Criterion D is reflecting and improving 

Work Habit: is based on our P.A.C.K criteria of the following:
P. prepared to learn, on time to class, has all materials and supplies. homework that is assigned.
A. actively engaged, quality journals, notes, on task and uses class time wisely, fully participates in activity minutes.
C. cooperative, works well with others, shares ideas, listens to others ideas and follows direction.

K. kind and safe, respectful to fellow students, teachers and property.

The "Standard of Performance" for Mr. Murrell's Class is as follows:
1. student is willing to:
a. Be Teachable
b. Work Hard
c. Have Fun..
2. have the following materials each day: pen/pencil, composition note book, planner, binder( 1 inch 3 ring binder that stays in class)
3. be respectful of each student and all teachers 
4. BE ON TIME TO CLASS by being in their seats before the bell rings.  NO EXCUSES!
5. students are expected to try their best each day, participate in class, get out of their comfort zone and take a risk in learning.
I have read the above information and will strive to do my best to be teachable, work hard and have fun.  
student printed name:__________________________

student signature;_____________________________

I have read the standard of performance and understand
Mr. Murrell's expectations for my student(s)

Parent/Guardian signature:_______________________