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8th Health Syllabus 2018.docx

  "You've heard the stories..... ARE YOU READY FOR THE EXPERIENCE?!!"

HEALTH TODAY: " Health isn't just a class, but a real practical application to your life"

In the past, if you didn't have an illness, you were considered healthy.  Today, the 
term health no longer means just the absence of illness.  Instead health refers to the
overall well-being of body, mind, spirit and your relationship with other people.

The 8th health syllabus above will cover the units we will be studying this year in class.
Also included is the grading policy for content and work habits.
It is my goal to teach your son/daughter to take ownership of each element  of their life
that they do control.  These elements are as follows:
1. Attitude
2. Behavior
3. Friends
4. What they eat, how much sleep they get each night
5. How they manage stress in their life
6. How they dress and carry themselves each day
7. How kind and emphatic are they
8. Their athletic activities/ exercise programs


DISCIPLINE STRUCTURE IN CLASS:  Restorative Practices are use to respond to Challenging Behavior, Enhance Responsibility, Seek to Understand To Understand, and seek to find Collaborative Solutions.  For problems 
that may arise during my class, I strive to seek to understand first, be consistent with every
student in my class. If an incident happens in class, I will address the issue up, ask the student(s) to step out of class and resolve the issue.  A phone call from the student will be
made to the parents.  

If it happens again, I will talk to the student, phone call from the student to the parent, then
proceed with the discipline protocol of Ranch View.

The other "Apps" student will be able to download into their "Core Memories"  and build 
their "middle school island" 

1. The ability to show empathy, caring, kindness, effective refusal skills and communiction
skills of active listening and speaking.
2. An understanding and appreciate the people around them to better collaborate, innovate and problem solve.
3. The ability to conduct research through developing an idea, accessing, evaluating 
information from a variety of sources, that include magazines, television, social media and
the world wide web.
4. The ability to write meaningfully.  This includes the knowledge of the writing process,
purpose of writing, finding your voice for the possible audiences in class presentations


The "Standard of Performance" for Mr. Murrell's Class

1. student comes to every class with a passion
2. student comes prepared to every class with proper materials
3. student will be respectful to self, each other, and to all teachers.
4. students are expected to do their best each and every day
5. students will join in with a great attitude, be leading and helping others in school.

 "Intelligence + Character"
that is the goal of true education

​-Dr. Martin Luther King-